Jill & Seth

When people find out that I am a professional wedding photographer they tell me what a cool job I have and how lucky I am. And they are right. But not for the reason most of them mean. They think it is pretty neat to take pictures for a living, not realizing it is also a lot of hard work and responsibility. 
What is great about my job is being able to share the emotional feelings of my clients. Every time I photograph a wedding I am reminded of my own wedding so many years ago, and how much in love my wife and I still are. When I watch my couples make their commitment to each other, I silently renew my own commitment to my wife.
That was exactly the case this past weekend when I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Jill and Seth at Snoqualmie Point Park and Salish Lodge. From the beautiful and personal service by Annemarie and impeccable music provided by Darrell Crystal, it was a perfect day. Jill and Seth are so much in love, and everyone there could feel it. 
Sharing these emotions every week with my clients is the real reason I have a great job.
Here are just a few moments from their day. Click on an image to see it larger.

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  1. Michael - these images are absolutely glorious! Thank you for capturing so well the essence of this amazing couple and their loved ones. You have such a gift in the work that you do. Annemarie