The romance of black & white

Chances are your grandparents' wedding pictures are black & white — and they are probably beautiful!

During the 60s and 70s color photography took hold in America, primarily due to the arrival of color TV with greatly improved technology. Color became regarded as better at depicting "real life" and black & white pictures were almost totally forgotten by the general public.

Of course color photos can be strikingly beautiful, but sometimes black & white photos depict mood and feelings better, especially in pictures of people. And many people think black & white is a more romantic medium.

This year I am putting a major emphasis on fine art black & white weddings. I have designed two unique packages: The first is a leather covered fine art book completely printed in black & white in a style reminiscent of a simpler yet elegant time. The second is a linen clamshell box that will contain individual black & white prints. Both have a very beautiful tactile quality.

This style is not for everyone, and I will continue to offer my regular wedding photography services and more contemporary books. But for the bride and groom who are looking for something romantic yet different, something more classic or even avant-garde, my fine art black & white wedding packages are the perfect choice.

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