New lenses

In the past few weeks, Nikon has released some exciting new lenses. A 24mm f/1.4, an 85mm f/1.4 and just this past week a 35mm f/1.4.

85mm /1.4
So why is a photographer who goes out of his way to de-emphasize gear to his clients writing about this? If you know my work and especially my philosophy, it is the eyes of the photographer that capture the moment and create the image – gear is just gear.

That is still absolutely true, but these lenses as tools, will allow me more freedom to capture the kind of story-telling pictures that reflect my core philosophy. Just like a fancy new pan will not make a skilled chef a better cook, it might enable him to better create what is already in his mind.

35mm /1.4
Because of the speed of these new lenses I will be able to capture the decisive moments in areas that might have been too dark before, or to more selectively focus on the critical part of a composition depicting the background in a creamier softness.

My mission is still to capture the essence of every wedding and event I shoot so that the people in those images can relive their feelings for the rest of their lives.

That will never change.


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