The unexpected

I have two friends who are both photographers. One is a professional and the other one is a very good enthusiast with a nice eye for composition. My friend who is the professional ALWAYS has a camera with him. My other friend only carries one occasionally.

This week as I was driving home from Redmond I came upon this scene. Obviously I'm in the camp of ALWAYS keeping a camera with me because you never know when life is going to surprise you with a visual opportunity.

Years ago when I was a newspaper photographer, I pulled up to a traffic light and saw this poignant moment happening across the street. In those days I not only carried a camera with me all the time, I kept one on the front seat of the car within quick reach.

As I've gotten older, this picture has only grown stronger for me. The contrast between the couple in love and the forlorn looking woman speaks to me of the frailty of emotions that exists for many people. That is the power of photography. It can capture the tranquil beauty of a scene or reveal our deepest feelings.

This is also the mission of my wedding photography: to preserve those feelings and emotions that will become more important to each of us as the years pass.


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