Staying true to my roots

Before starting my own wedding photography business almost 11 years ago, I was a career photojournalist at many newspapers (and Sunday magazine) across the country. That solid background is at the very core of the way I photograph today.

But all artists must grow, or at least try new things. A lot of fads have come and gone, such as making a photo black & white then coloring back in the bouquet, or using Photoshop to make a bride’s skin look like porcelain. There’s nothing wrong with these gimmicks (I’ve done a few myself) but at the end of the day what really counts is the ability of the pictures to honestly capture the true feelings of the couple and their families and friends.

20 years from now I doubt a couple will want to look at their wedding album and say “Gee, look at how clever the photographer was when he made us (fill in the blank).” I think couples will want to look at their pictures and remember what they felt on this very special day, or see the love reflected in the eye of their parents. Wedding pictures, above all else, are emotional memories.

While this philosophy has been the life-long practice of my photography, I look at the ever more crowded field of wedding photographers using the same Photoshop tricks, and I find myself returning more and more to that honest form of capturing what matters -- the real feelings that will live with you forever.

Below are a few samples from some of my 2008 weddings.

Tricia & Scott

Jeanene & Joseph

Grace & Garron

Amanda & Brad

Dana & Roger


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