Lindsay & Chris

2008 got off to a great start when Lindsay and Chris married in a very romantic ceremony at Salish Lodge.


  1. Hello,

    Your website is very well-designed, and shows off your excellent photography very well. Do you mind if I ask who did the website design? If you did, congratulations. If not -- I was hoping to have a website designed in a similar style (I am an amateur landscape photographer who is keeping his day job!), and would love to speak with the designer.


  2. DiCaprio1/25/2009

    The black and white is my favorite. My stuff.


  3. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the compliment. I did all the design work myself and will continue to add and subtract things in the future. I contracted with "Livebooks" to actually build the site and host it for me. It is their software that allows me to make my own changes.